L’Olivetain combines the subtlety of the Orléans region with the strength of wine alcohol to obtain a unique character! Ideal for your aperitifs.

This traditional drink is the ideal companion for aperitifs.

Degree of alcohol : 17°
Contenance : 75cL
olivetain aperitif covifruit

Discover the flavors of Olivetain ?

Olivetain tasting note :

Olivetain reveals a very beautiful amber color and a powerful nose marked by a complex blend of aromas of dried fruits such as nuts and a note of fresh grapes.

On the palate, the attack is supple, with a slight sweetness which quickly gives way to a certain power due to the alcohol. We find these aromas of dried fruits present on the nose.

The finish is warm and dominated by slightly oxidative aromas which give it a very good length.

Serve chilled as an aperitif.

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