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Come and discover our Olivet Pear brandy chocolates (very famous, since we have taken the time to taste it in our salons and in our store).

However, if you are more of a white chocolate, this is also your lucky day because we decline our recipe in thistle version with Olivet Pear Brandy.

Last of the chocolate line, a truffle, soaked in our Pear brandy which knows how to wait because sold in our store from October to December only.

How to appreciate our Pear brandy chocolates?

We must first take the time to taste the flavor of dark chocolate and then let the chocolate split to discover or rediscover the unsurpassed fragrance of our Olivet Pear Brandy.


Olivet Pear brandy chocolates

A specialty made from our traditional Pear brandy, Covifruit chocolate will introduce you to the powerful and pleasant aromas of Williams Pear.
Un incontournable à déguster à tout moment.

A must to taste at any time.

Olivet Pear Candy

A new gourmet way to discover Olivet Pear in its caramel bed.

To let melt in the mouth or to bite into, the Olivet Pear candy will make you discover the pleasure of its ganache with Pear brandy.

Thistles with Olivet Pear

Delight in white chocolate and Olivet Pear, the Covifruit thistle is tasted during the holidays.

It is the perfect alternative to the traditional Pear Olivier chocolate.

Olivet Pear Truffle

For the gourmands, the alliance of dark chocolate and Olivet pear in our truffle will make people happy. To offer or to taste, this wonder is ephemeral! Take advantage of the end of year celebrations to savor it.

Candy lovers are not left out either, because there is also a delicious candy called “Olivet caps”.

It’s a delicious caramel, which also splits to let a delicious pear brandy ganache work.

Covifruit desserts

Covifruit, treat your end of meals with a variation of 3 delicious desserts with Pear brandy.

Come quickly discover them or have them rediscovered to your friends.

Olivet Pear Brandy Baba

Olivet Pear Brandy Charlotte

Fluted with Olivet Pear Brandy

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