Coeur d’Arlicot, between Vines et Orchards


Coeur d’Arlicot was born of a subtle blend of wines from the Orléans region, cherry brandy and morello cherry syrup. The fruit of a passionate encounter between cherry enthusiasts, Coeur d’Arlicot is an invitation to sweetness.

Produced in collaboration with the Association of Mangeux de Cerises on the banks of the Loiret, this drink will bring you all the joie de vivre of the lands of the Loire.

Degree of alcohol : 17°
Capacity : 75cL
Medals in the General Agricultural Competition : Gold 2013, Gold 2015

coeur d'arlicot

Discover the flavors of Coeur d'Arlicot ?

Tasting Note for Coeur d’Arlicot :

A fin and brillant ruby-red robe with a very expressive nose characterised by the Morello cherry. In the mouth, the attack is gentle. We rediscover those cherry aromas mixed with almond notes. We report a mouth well balanced between sugar and alcohol.

Serve it nice and cool as an aperitif and – why not try using it in your cooking or in cocktail ?

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