Cream of Pears

Crème de Poire is a blend of Williams pear brandy, sugar and Williams pear juice. The fruits come entirely from the Orléanais terroir, known for the cultivation of pears.

Its subtle sweetness combined with the richness of its aromas certainly seduces lovers of fresh sensations.

Degree of alcohol : 18°

Contenance : 50cL

Medals in the General Agricultural Competition : Gold 2015, Gold 2017

Sygille at the Metz International Eaux de Vie Competition : Silver 2016

cream of pears

Discover the flavors of Pear Cream ?

Pear Cream tasting note :

With its yellow robe and its clearly visible viscosity on the sides of the glass, this cream of pear unveils a nose intensely scented with Williams pear’s aromas.

In the mouth, the suppleness of the attack gives way to a distinct roundness sustained by the warmth of its 18° of alcohol. The Williams pear really expresses itself in the mouth, leaving us with a truly fine aromatic length.

This tasty fruit drop should be drunk with ice as an aperitif or as a kir and goes perfectly with a pear sorbet, a fruit salad or a liqueur, to end your meal with a sweet touch.

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