La Poire d’Olivet

A true story of taste for Poire d’Olivet, our award-winning eau-de-vie made from William pear from the Orleans region.

Our Williams pear brandy and its famous captive fruit is created from fruits harvested in the Orléans region. It has been awarded medals several times in various contests and is the result of a masterly traditional distillation process. Titrated at 50 ° our brandy reveals all the aromas offered by Williams Pear.

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La Poire d’Olivet, a traditionnal manufacturing process

Each of the Manufacturing Stages is carefully and rigorously carried out in the heart of the historic building of the cooperative to obtain the quintessence of the Williams Pear.

The captive fruit contained in the bottles have spent three years soaking in alcohol. By the time that alcohol is replaced by Williams pear brandy before marketing, the fruit will have given up all its juice and no longer alters the unique flavour of the brandy.

Degree of alcohol : 50° ou 45°
Capacity : 50cL, 70cL, 150cL
Capacity Prisoner Pear : 60cL 140cL 280cL
Medals Concours Général Agricole : Silver 2011, Gold 2012, Silver 2014, Gold 2015, Silver 2016
Sygille au Concours International des Eaux de Vie de Metz : Silver 2002, Bronze 2008, Gold 2010, Gold 2012, Gold 2014, Gold 2018

Technical Sheet – Poire d’Olivet

SURFACE AREA: 3930m2 of production and store premises and supply to producers in Orélanais who represent more than 100 hectares of culture

BRAND: Poire d’Olivet


DISTILLATION METHOD: Distillation by a still pass

AGING: Minimum 4 years of rest time

ENVIRONMENTAL COMMITMENTS: Reasoned fruit processing; preservation of insects and bees in orchards by integrated pest management methods

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Tasting Note

Its fine, crystalline robe unveils the ripe fruits aromas characteristic of the Williams pear. In the mouth, the attack is immediate. The power of the Williams aromas blends with the strength of its 50° alcohol. In the finish, the characteristic aromas of the Williams pear return, offering us a bouquet of flavours unique to this brandy. An exceptional liqueur, bringing your evenings to a happy ending. It can also be consumed as an aperitif or as a cocktail.