The Prisoner Pear – The art of bottling pears

No pear drying or bottle cutting to make the Prisoner Pear! The trapped fruit is the result of a long process that begins in the spring in the orchards.

While the pear points out, usually in May, and measures a few millimetres at most, it is locked in a bottle. The latter is itself expertly hung in the tree and protected.

It will continue to grow normally, as if nothing had happened. At the end of summer, the pear will be harvested, locked in its bottle, then we will immerse it in pear alcohol.

The fruit macerates in its shrine for three years, taking on its characteristic brown ad yellow marbled colour. While this is going on the William’s pears from the orchards are distilled. Three years later, the brandy produced will replace the pear alcohol initially used to fill the bottle.

The Prisoner Pear keeps for life as long as it is in alcohol.

To preserve the quintessence and the excellence of the fruit, we advise you to fill your bottle as soon as you are halfway up. The impression of crunching the pear will only continue!